1- Size does matter: what is the right size for a unique mobile device ?

My first mobile phone, in the late 80’s was huge and mainly usable in my car only, with a heavy transmitter in the trunk, and the price per minute was a luxury, then my cell phone got smaller and smaller and I could carry it anywhere in my pocket, then I had a Palm, then I jumped on the first Blackberry coming to market, and my latest Blackberry is smarter but bigger as all the new Smart phones, bigger and bigger. My charming wife, an Apple Fan, of course uses an iPhone and dreams of an iPad, while my youngest daughter uses a phone with a keyboard, mainly to text her friends as well (hopefully with an unlimited text contract!) and an iTouch for emails, twitter and youtube…They play music and videos, they take pictures, they are wifi enabled, they are more and more powerful and can run apps, but still all those smart devices are quite big and still too small to really be used as a professional computer.

Meanwhile, my laptop is getting thinner and thinner, the screen smaller and smaller, as well as my wife’s iBook, and my son’s Netbook is tiny tiny. Yes, we can use it as a VoIP phone at home,  in an hotel room, or this type of places, but not really convenient on the road or streets, as an example.

Now, the problem is, we are still carrying two devices, as smarter as they are, and I suppose everyone, just as I do, really wish to carry only one, so the BIG question now really is: What size is acceptable for a unique mobile device ?

We had tablets on the market for quite some time, but nobody was buying it, until Steve Jobs, the Marketing Genius, launched its iPad and created a market for it. However, 3G or not, Wimax or not, CDMA or not, I feel these tablets are still too big and certainly will not replace a phone. By the way, the new tablet RIM is supposedly working on is just a companion to be connected to a Blackberry, still 2 devices…

Also check the video of this Nirvana phone developed by Open Kernel Labs and Citrix, the sky is the limit: http://bit.ly/9Bfvtf 

So what size and when ?


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  1. Interesting thoughts, i can definitely see that evolution but personally, i will always prefer a plain, small, simple to use cellphone and a separate laptop on the side but i also realize my desires are worlds apart from the average consumers…

  2. coucou

    et en français alors !

    moi je préfère l’ Iphone 3 GS mais je n’aime pas trop tactile
    mais faut évoluer..

  3. coucou

    et le français alors !

    je disais oui le portable c’est génial mais avant je me servais du tam tam pour appeler mes filles lorsqu’elles étaient adolescentes..C’était le tout début..

    moi me suis offert l’Iphone mais je préfère le clavier que le tactile..donc rien n’est encore parfait


  4. I’m the older generation…a telephone is a telephone…
    However, the ipad is a revolution and I can’t wait to own one myself…no more carrying a bulky laptop!
    And then maybe the ipad will have the option phone in the future with a simple ear piece to communicate…then there would only be one tool/toy to carry around

    • I agree that for now the 2 mobile devices make sense but I am convinced in a near future some solutions will be on the market that will allow us to carry only one and it will come in different forms to satisfy different type of Consumers or Prosumers…I can’t wait…

  5. I love my phone with the Qwerty keypad, its small, simple and practicle, and my ipod is great:) what a charming wife mom is;)

  6. And here comes a new contender, a 7 inches Android S7 tablet from Huawei…smaller than iPad.
    Watch the video:

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